Address : Mahboula - Block 2, Street 8 from Street 104 (parallel to Fahaheel Highway Road 30), inside Marina Towers - Ahmadi governorate
Phone : 102
Website :



Salmiya - inside Olympia Mall - Arabian Gulf Street, Opposite Scientific Center, Hawalli governorate Salmiya - inside Al Fanar Mall - Salem Al Mubarak street, Hawalli governorate Salmiya - inside Marina Mall - Arabian Gulf street, Hawalli governorate Shaab - Hamoud Zain Al-Khaled Street, near Sultan Center TSC, Hawalli governorate Daiya - inside Daiya Co-operative Society - Block 4, Rachid Bin Ahmad Al Roumi street crossing Daiya street, Al-asimah governorate Hawally - Block 3, Tunis Street, facing Hawally Park and Jarir Bookstore, Hawalli governorate Hawally - Block 9, Beirut Street, Hasim Bahbahani Complex, facing Co-op and Beirut Complex, Hawalli governorate Hawally - Block 1, Bin Khaldun Street, Hawalli governorate Jabriya - inside Jabriya Co-operative Society (Block 2) - Block 2, Ibrahim Husain Al-Maarafi Street, Hawalli governorate Sharq - inside Souq Sharq Mall - At the end of Arabian Gulf Street, Al-asimah governorate Sharq - Block 1, Mubarak Al Kabeer Street, Inside Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE/Borsa), Al-asimah governorate Merqab - Block 1, Ministries Complex, Al-asimah governorate Qibla - inside Souk Al-Mubarakiya - Mubarkeyya, Al-Jadeed Street, Al-asimah governorate Rawda - inside Rawda Co-Op Society (Block 2, Main) - Block 2, Issa Al Abed Aljaleel street, Al-asimah governorate Qurtuba - inside Qurtaba Co-operative Society - Block 5, Al-asimah governorate Salam - inside Salam Co-operative Society (Block 4) - Block 4, Street 24, Hawalli governorate Shuhada - inside Shuhada Co-operative Society (Main) - Block 4, Sulaiman Allahaib Street, Hawalli governorate Mubarak Al Abdullah - inside Mubarak Al Abdullah Co-Operative Society (Block 6, Main) - Block 6, Street 3, behind Kuwait International Fairground, Hawalli governorate Rai - inside Saveco Rai Branch - Block 1, facing Fourth Ring Road, beside Max and City Star, Farwaniya governorate Khaitan - Block 7, Nasser Sanhat Alaseimi, behind Manahi Alaseimi Health Center, inside Hawazen Complex, Farwaniya governorate Farwaniya - Block 3, Fire Station Street (Street 200), Mubarak Al-Khurainej Complex, opposite to Farwaniya Fire Station, Farwaniya governorate Farwaniya - Block 3, Habeeb Munawer Street, Facing Mastoura, Farwaniya governorate Rai - inside Avenues Mall - Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Road (5th Ring Road), between Ghazali street & Mohammed Bin Alqasem street, Farwaniya governorate Rai - inside Avenues Mall - Grand Avenue, Farwaniya governorate Ardiya - Block 2, Farwaniya governorate Andalus - inside Andalus Co-Operative Society (Block 11) - Block 11, Street 101, Farwaniya governorate Sulaibikhat - Block 3, Fahed Al-Hamlan Street, Inside Sama Al-Sulaibikhat Mall, near Cozmo, CenterPoint, and Giant Supermarket, Al-asimah governorate Sabah Al-Nasser - inside Sabah Al-Nasser Co-operative Society (Block 1) - Block 11, Street 101, Farwaniya governorate Jahra - Block 4, Street 2, inside Al-Manar Complex, Jahra governorate Jahra - Block 2, Ain Jalut Street, near Mohamad Al Adasani Elementary School (Boys), inside Al Jahra Mall, Jahra governorate Jleeb Shuyoukh - inside Jleeb Shuyoukh Co-operative Society (Block 1) - Block 1, intersection of Abdulla Mutlaq Al Musailim Street and Khaled Uqab Al Ashhab Street, Farwaniya governorate Airport - inside Airport Mall - Arrival Area, Farwaniya governorate Airport - inside Airport Mall - Departure Area, Farwaniya governorate West Abu Fatira - inside Lulu Hypermarket West Abu Fatira (Qurain Market) Branch - Street 28, Mubarak al-kabeer governorate Egaila - inside The Gate Mall - Block 5, Street 250 crossing Street 104, beside Al Bairaq Mall, Ahmadi governorate Egaila - inside Al Bairaq Mall - Block 5, Street 250, Ahmadi governorate Egaila - Block 5, Street 250 crossing Street 104, beside The Gate Mall, Ahmadi governorate Sabahiya - inside Sabahiya Co-operative Society (Block 5) - Block 5, between Streets 8 & 9, Ahmadi governorate Mangaf - Block 4, Street 14 from Fahed Hamlan Al-Hamlan Street, near Sultan Center TSC, Ahmadi governorate Fahaheel - inside Souq Al Kout, Ahmadi governorate Fahaheel - Block 7, Mekka Street, Ahmadi governorate Ali Sabah Al Salem - inside Ali Sabah Al Salem Co-Operative Society (Block 9, Main) - Block 9, Road 105, Ahmadi governorate Farwaniya - inside Farwaniya Co-operative Society (Block 4) - Block 4, Habeeb Munawer Street, Farwaniya governorate Salwa - inside Salwa Co-op Society (Block 5) - Block 5, Salwa Street, Hawalli governorate Egaila - inside Sama Mall - Block 5, corner of street 103 and street 250, Ahmadi governorate Hawally - Block 10, Corner of Sharhabil Bin Hasanah Street and Abdullah Abdullataif Al Othman Street, behind Union of Consumer Co-Operative Societies, inside Noura Complex, Hawalli governorate Sharq - Block 5, Ahmad Al-Jaber Street, inside Al-Gas (Al Jazz) Tower, Al-asimah governorate Fahaheel - Block 7, Balat Al Shuhada Street (Ali Al-Ghanim Al Dabbous Street), inside Remal Mall, Ahmadi governorate Abu Halifa - inside Al Dome Mall Abu Halifa - Block 3, Coastal Road, Near Kuwait Magic Mall, Ahmadi governorate Rai - inside Avenues Mall - Phase 4, Farwaniya governorate